Need to book a fall cleanup in Manchester NH or a surrounding area?

    Ahhh… Fall. In New England, most of us look forward to this season and for many of us, it’s our favorite!




    fall foliage means it's time for a fall cleanup in Manchester NH

    Let’s get your lawn ready for it, and get prepared for the snow that is quickly approaching. This is the time when it is most important for Manchester NH residents to order a “Fall Clean Up.”

    The thing most our clients love about our fall cleanups is the leaf removal service.  Raking and removal, we do it all….  and not just the ones in the middle of your yard. All of the dry leaves around the perimeter of your yard and everywhere else on your property. This is so important because leaves that are allowed to sit under a big pile of snow all winter long will make that beautiful spring lawn much more difficult to achieve next year. Dry leaves can be a harvesting ground for fungus, mold, and insects… all of which are bad for your lawn. Don’t let it happen!

    Fall Cleanups can include

    • Leaf raking service

    • Leaf removal and composting service

    • Weed control service

    • Mulch installation service

    • Cleaning up excess branches, twigs, and other debris

    • Lawn mowing

    • Leaf removal and composting service

    • Aeration service

    • Dethatching service

    • Dividing and cutting back perennials

    • Installing hyacinth bulbs and other flowers that require fall planting

    Check out this fall clean up in Manchester NH we recently tackled:


    Here are a few images of a fall clean up in Manchester NH we performed this year.


    Manchester NH Fall Cleanup, before the job was performed
    Manchester NH Landscaping and Fall Clean Up job, here's what the lawn looked like before we started doing the maintenance
    Manchester NH Fall Cleanup, we first start with some basic grass cutting and then a bunch of leaf removal.


    Manchester NH Lawn Mowing and Gras Cutting Deal

    And, we like to make fall even a little prettier for our customers:


    We can even do Storm clean up. For instance, here is a storm cleanup job we did near Derry NH


    storm cleanup in Derry NH where a tree had fallen into a customer's yard


    Derry NH storm cleanup job after photo, with with lawn care all completed.

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