Need to book a spring cleanup in Manchester NH or a surrounding area?

    Need to book a spring cleanup in Manchester NH or a surrounding area?

    Cheers! Spring is here and it’s time to get your yard in shape! Typically when spring time comes, you’ll have a bunch of debris, sticks, and leaves lying all over your lawn – things you probably don’t want to deal with. That’s ok, A&J to the rescue! Leave it alone, we got it.

    If you’re looking for a beautiful, well-maintained lawn, you definitely will not want a bunch of excess leaves and debris lying around all year. Excess dry leaves are detrimental to healthy grass, as they prevent the sun from reaching your grass. This creates mold and blocks water evaporation.

    A spring clean up can include:

    • Clearing away leaves, debris, branches, and other clutter left over from the winter

    • Lawn mowing and lawn care

    • Weed removal service

    • Aeration service

    • Replanting annuals

    • Maintenance of flowers and beds

    • Edging and cleaning your garden

    • Mulch installation service

    • Pruning shrubs and trees

    • Perennial clean up and dividing

    • Dethatching service

    Here are examples of spring clean ups in the Manchester NH area performed last year:

    spring clean up job on manchester nh
    Spring Clean Up Contractors in Manchester NH
    Spring Clean Up Jobs in the Manchester Area

    And here is an “after” picture of a spring clean up in Hooksett.

    spring cleanup in Hooksett NH

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